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Gentle Colonic Irrigation & Hydrotherapy Services

Help ease bloating and constipation.

Colon Hydrotherapy/Colonics/Colon Cleansing/Colonic Lavage/Colonoscopy Preparation

Cleanse your body of harmful waste products with colon irrigation and cleansing in San Francisco, California, at Wet Moor Hydration Center. Wet Moor Hydration Center specializes in colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonic lavage, which gently cleanses the large intestine through an infusion of warm, filtered water. This process detoxifies and restores normal regulation of body processes, promoting better health from the inside out.

Detoxifying eliminates impacted waste that can accumulate along the colon walls. By cleansing the colon and large intestine, this removes any barriers blocking nutrient absorption. This also eliminates bloating and discomfort, relieves irregularity and can help to prepare for a colonoscopy. Hydrotherapy cleansing also introduces fluids into the body, which relieve symptoms of dehydration. Dehydration causes the body to retain weight through waste and hydrotherapy cleansing allows the body to normally retain and eliminate water and wastes.

Wet Moor Hydration Center promotes complete wellness through hydrotherapy as well as a balanced lifestyle. Periodic cleansing, regular exercise, avoiding processed foods, regularly scheduled meals and meditative exercises all help to strengthen overall good health and longevity. Start or continue your healthy routine and make an appointment at Wet Moor Hydration Center today.

Combine sauna with colon irrigation to work on your weight goals

Paradoxically, constant dehydration can cause the body to retain fluids, causing puffiness. Combined with poor nutrition and constipation, this can make your body hold on to more weight than necessary. By properly hydrating your body, then doing a 20-minute sauna session and colon irrigation, can get you on the right path to achieve your goals concerning your health. If you want to fit into that outfit, schedule a session today!

Learn how to prepare for a colonic.

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Appointments can be the same day due to cancellation or possibly one week out.

Please note, The Wet Moor Hydration Center does not diagnose, claim to heal or profess to know your body. Any information given is from literature already in existence; it is information that anyone can access and use to the betterment of their own peace and wellbeing.

Please bring a light snack if you have low blood sugar for before or after colon irrigation.

We are open seven days a week and will work to accommodate your schedule. If you are looking for a colonic anywhere in the Bay Area, call Wet Moor Hydration Center at 510-847-7318 to schedule your colon hydrotherapy appointment today.

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