Colonic Hydrotherapy & Cleansing

About Lisa L. Wetmore

Lisa Wetmore, owner of Wet Moor Hydration Center, offering colon hydrotherapy

Lisa received I-ACT certification (#F-LW2054081, Advanced Level) and is a National Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. She is also a Level 1 Certified Wholistic Life Coach, C.H.E.K Institute, and has provided colon hydrotherapy services since 2005.

Lisa learned healthy eating habits at the age of four, as her mother followed leaders such as Jack La Lane and Adele Davis, and served Lisa and her brother healthy meals full of vegetables, snacks with wheat germ and protein shakes in addition to lots of salads. But like most teens and young adults, Lisa went through a phase of eating packaged and processed foods that left her "feeling dissatisfied, even unwell."

Lisa's life changed after reading Daniel Reid's "The Tao Of Health, Sex And Longevity", as she learned about trophology, the art of food combining, Chi Gung and many other Chinese health principles, and particularly Colon Hydrotherapy. Other writers, including Paul Bragg, Bernard Jensen and later Westin Price inspired her to change her diet and detoxify through cleansing, short fasts and colonic irrigation. Through these and other writers, she also learned to listen to body signals that indicate whether the changes food makes hurt or help the body. She began to practice colon cleansing on herself and noticed positive changes in her skin and emotions. This led her to study colon hydrotherapy with the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy.

After receiving national certification as a colon hydrotherapist, Lisa continues to update her knowledge by reading books and attending conferences held by the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy. She has learned a great deal about digestion and the colon's function in the body, including the importance of the probiotic in the body—beneficial bacteria help maintain good health in the body while others play specific functions and help us to regain health once it has been upset.

Lisa has also learned that while cleansing the large intestine promotes detoxification for better absorption, process and elimination, releasing toxic waste is not just a physical byproduct but an emotional and spiritual tonic facilitating us to be our authentic selves. She has noted that telling children to wait and "hold on" can and does translate into constipation.

Another habit that can cause irregular bowel movement is staying up late. The pituitary gland regulates hormones such as cortisol, melatonin and serotonin and can be affected by going to sleep later than 9:30-10pm, which in turn can affect the production of these hormones and cause constipation. Lisa encourages skeptics to test their regularity by observing their sleep patterns.

In addition to learning how to eat and breathe properly and observe regular sleep patterns, colon irrigation can help reeducate those muscles that have been trained to hold for too long. As Lisa says, "Just think what life would be like for us all had we learned at a young age the 'hows' and 'why's' of colon care!"

Colon hydrotherapy is a form of detoxification that takes time and patience. Lisa has observed what Kevin Trudeau writes in his book, "Natural Cures," that it takes many Colonics to open and tone the colon so that it can discharge toxins and waste. Lisa believes that making steady lifestyle changes, including proper nutrition, a focus on health, longevity, relaxation and moving at a slower pace, are the best for the body, mind and spirit, and can help ease symptoms such as bloating.

The results Lisa has achieved in herself and with clients happen as a result of slowing down, processing change daily and striving to be one's authentic self. In other words, colon hydrotherapy works very well but it takes time.

The Colenz colon irrigation system that Lisa uses is very gentle, allowing her to work on children ages 7 and up, teenagers, college students, the full range of adults and elders.

Lisa is available for lectures or talks; her clean, abuse free language promotes the understanding of our bodies in a new light.

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