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Here at the Wet Moor Hydration Center I use a Colenz machine, a Class 1 gravity fed, FDA inspected and approved machine. An "open system" means that the waste material leaving your body does not get funneled back through the tube that the flowing water entering into the body uses. Waste is deposited in a toilet-like receptacle underneath the table on which you lie. The water temperature is set to warm and is triple purified by a UV ray and carbon filter water treatment system.

Lisa Wetmore with Colenz machine at Wet Moor Hydration Center

The rectal tube that flows water into the colon is smaller than a pencil and is inserted by the client less than 3 inches into the rectum.

Each client is on the table for approximately 50 minutes. 3 to 10 gallons of water may be gently infused by gravity flows into the large intestine, but the amount changes per person according to your colon's size and amount of cloggage.

There is no smell because a sprinkler system in the catchment below the table waters down airborne particles. In addition a fan and air purifier in the treatment room eliminate other related odors.

How to Prepare

I always recommend each person drink half their body weight in oz. of water for a few days leading up to their colonic to make sure you are pre-hydrated.

Drink more water the day before, day of and day after. Avoid eating "sticky" foods like flour breads, white rice, pizza, burritos and cheeses.

*'After each sessions you will receive an acidophilus pill. 


A $4 fee will be included on credit card purchases.


$30 per 15 minute phone consultation

Infra-Red Sauna ($5 towel fee is waived if you bring your own).Sauna at Wet Moor Hydration Center

Saunas are great for relieving bloating!

Infra-Red Sauna and Colon Irrigation- $125

A combination of a 20-minute sauna for quick water loss, and colon hydrotherapy to remove constipation is even more effective for symptoms such as bloating. Please bring a water bottle and come hydrated, sessions are 20-30 minutes. Longer sessions in the Sauna are discouraged but sessions can be extended at your own risk.

Colon Irrigation Sessions

After every colon irrigation session, you will receive a free acidophilus supplement to boost your intestinal flora. It helps to take such supplements on a regular basis, and Lisa believes strongly in helping your entire digestive system.

Single Session with digestion counseling $155 (45 min. colonic, 30 minutes digestion counseling-please request this special session, its great!)

  1. single colon irrigation session is $100 for 50 Minutes, and upon advanced request 1 hour for $115
  2. packages of 3 are $260, a $40 savings

Digestion and nutritional counseling session $75 (half hour session)
Please note Colonic packages are good for 8 months from original date of issue, 12 months for package of 9. 

Very important! Packages are transferable but non refundable-Be committed when you buy a package-it's your body!

NO CALL NO SHOW for packages constitutes a loss of that session; two is a forfeiture of return to The Wet Moor Hydration Center. If you make an appt. for the first time and don't call to cancel and don't show, well, I leave it up to the Universe.

MISSES: Less than 24 hour notice, if I can fill your spot there is no charge otherwise it will cost 50$

First appointments are reserved on credit card.

Booking on line: it's good to communicate well! If you find I am not responding to you right away, call, please call--there are so many ways to miss each other.
Many times I find I cannot understand the numbers being said quickly on cell phone if you speak slowly I can hear better.

Thank you for your business!

On the "open" and "closed" systems:

The Wet Moor Hydration system is an "open" system. Both open and closed systems get out an equal amount of waste. The trick to relieving symptoms like bloating and ridding oneself of harmful toxins is to RELAX.

-Lisa's motto

Whatever machine you use if you cannot relax yourself then less will come out.

Advantages to the 'Open System:'

The water is gravity fed this allows clients to absorb water comfortably. Our tube is small and once inserted is no longer noticeable. With relaxation one can release toxins mentally, physically and even spiritually.

Potential disadvantages: There is no view tube.

Myths about the open system:

About the 'Closed System'

It works and gives a good colonic. This type of machine has been in use for a long time now.

Disadvantages: If the seal breaks leakage is on a flat table. Sometimes the water flowing in by pump can cause one to tense up and not relax and release.

Myths about closed system:

Both machines are effective.

Myths about Colon Hydrotherapy

Some people believe colonics and other forms of colon irrigation wash out micro flora, but, drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, spicy foods, sugars all wash out or kill off that flora. Guess what, it grows right back! Antibiotics also kill healthy bacteria and if you take enough antibiotics, the beneficial bacteria don't grow back without help. Lisa recommends converting to a probiotic lifestyle. This means eating foods like live cultured veggies, kefir, yogurt, kim chi, kombucha and raw apple cider vinegar. See Body Ecology by Donna Gates.

The Wet Moor Hydration Center cleanses the colon gently with a Colenz machine, a Class 1 gravity fed, FDA inspected and approved machine. Class 1 does not require a doctors prescription, so schedule an appointment today.

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