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Diet, change and cleansing can take place during stress, at times when we are sick or well or when we have been planning to make a change. There are no prerequisites for cleansing, changing or evolving so don't be hard on yourself because it is not happening fast enough or the way you would like. Sometimes it's just good to back off and sit and listen to your body. When you have that nagging feeling, ask where that's coming from. For example, if you are feeling bloated, meditate on what your body is saying. Perhaps it is reacting to foods that cause inflammation. If you cannot or are unable to act on or implement what your body is saying, write it down so at least there is a record of communication. Keeping a body or food journal is a great help in promoting dialogue between the mind, body, spirit connection.

I have to do this with myself, it is an ongoing process and sometimes easy or a complete uphill battle.

How exciting, challenging, freeing and gratifying it is to be alive at this time. Even when I feel my lowest or disenchanted with the times, I find great hope in friendship with women and relationships with men and reminders from children and especially elders that we are all complete and have our own answers.

Remember, in the words of Dr. Michael King, a great Emotional Intelligence doctor that has worked with me: "Love is the most balanced of all emotions, the face of love is the opposite of shame and disassociation." TRY TO STAY IN YOUR BODY IT IS YOUR HOME!


Cleanses: Supreme Cleanse by Gaia Herbs / Blessed wellnesscleanse/

Great Persons in the fields of Colon Hydrotherapy: Maxine and Eldon The inventors of the Colema Board and Colenz machine, Paul Bragg, Dr. Bernard Jensen and V.E. Irons, Brenda Watson, Donna Gates and Dan Reid and on look up Robert O. Young's PH Miracle- you can get it on Amazon.

The C.H.E.K Institute

THE GERSON CLINIC for advanced degenerative diseases has been very helpful to those in need.

The Ann Wigmore Institute is another great to look up! GO LIVING FOODISTS!

The idea is to help yourself the best you can, that's what this information is here for.

Enjoy, sincerely, Lisa L. Wetmore

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT DR. NATURAS USES SENNA LEAF IT CAN UPSET PERISTALTIC MOTION WITH PROLONGED USE and recently I learned it and Cascaras Sagrada can stain the colon making it difficult to see during colonoscopy.

Also some of us are sensitive to grains as stool softeners, especially O blood type. I have experienced a few people that have become clogged by psyllium husk no matter how much water they drank, so maybe test yourself before purchasing dr. natura's cleanse.

For a great listen in talk show check out Layna Bermann's: is a great health resource on KPFA every tuesday at 1pm or see her website one line up; also Karen Sanders HERBAL HIGHWAY! Wow are we lucky to have so many resources to such rich information!

To see click Archives on KPFA 94.1 fm the archives are rich in restorative listening programs on many subjects. Check out about soy related prostrate and breast cancer. This is a fabulous resource and a great way to learn about yourself!

On Good Eating:

Make a fresh start! Eating year around:

A balanced diet consists of at least 80% vegetables, fruits, cultured vegetables. Be careful not to eat so much raw, keep it balanced and avoid a lot of dehydrated foods. See if you can be at least 80% organic. This is more important than raw. Our vegetables can be eaten steamed, sauteed or raw. When steamed or sauteed, they are dead if they become overcooked, they must be crunchy inside. That's about 5-7 minutes of cooking on low to medium heat. Eat warmer foods in winter and cooler foods in summer. What does that mean to you and me? It means beginning the day with a pot of steamed or sauteed, 1/4 but not more than 1/2 cooked, vegetables and two tablespoons of cultured veggies and a 2-4 oz. portion of protein, fish, chicken, (if your not a B type,) egg, or if your blood type allows, lamb or organic grass fed beef.

2-3 hours later a snack of a hard apple, or fruit with a peel or pulp and or unsulphered apricots or plums.

An hour later, a lunch of salad with some greens or beets, soup, squash or a raw food meal again with cultured vegetables. It's great to add animal protein and it's great if you can make this meal the biggest meal of the day. Use organic meat (Prather Farms, Ell Creek) make sure all your meat is organic this piece is crucial!

Another snack a few hours later that may include raw nuts, that have been stored in an air tight container according to your blood type and another piece of fruit, this time one with only one seed.

For dinner, an hour later potatoes, squashes, root veggies, soup, eggs, a small protein 3 oz.or a bean dish all with veggies and a small salad. Recently I have learned about grains and the Igg or inner lining of the small intestine that becomes inflamed easily in many of us. I would check yourselves with your grains and see if you get a little bloating or discomfort after eating grains; if you do notice bloating after grain meals give them a break and see how you feel. You can always do your own tests on yourself with food at any given meal by eliminating and adding back.

Cast your nets further out and experiment with new vegetables, grains, and fruits according to blood type. Read old books and look at the "supper" meals from 50 to 100 years back, they were not the heavy meals served today. To starve yourself throughout the day then come home and eat a days worth of food in an evening will age and debilitate you. Bring your foods with you, eat light and often and chew well.

The choices are up to you, basically I'm outlining a lighter meal that is more carbohydrate for dinner with two protein meals earlier in the day. Carbs at night, when eaten before 7pm, burn fast, are lower maintenance to prepare and easier to digest which goes easier on the liver.

The blood needs to be pretty much food free by about 11pm-12am that's why I suggest the protein up at the top of the day and carbs or one could have salad, squash, a vegetable or even bean meal alternatively in the evening. Please, Please, Please don't snack at night it is so hard on the liver and the heart. If you get hungry at night try a very old remedy Black Strap Molasses, (unsulphered,) mixed in warm water. It should sustain you till morning.

Begin to think about a one day a week or one day a month fast. If this seems too much of a stretch, try fasting from 4pm to 7am. Work out three to four times a week. Keeping your posture upright will help those organs to not sag and leach up or down.

Cleansing once a month, if you can with colon hydrotherapy doing either multiple sessions of 3 every season change or once a month is great for maintenance. If you have a specific issues, such as bloating, you might need more cleanses. In addition to removing toxins from your body through washing them out, eating well and not putting them back in is crucial. Inspect your sources of organic, go to farms or call them, ask questions at restaurants don't accept half or lame answers. This is your body we are taking about and you deserve the VERY BEST going in!

Walk to work if you can, or on your lunch hour, eat meals as many times as you can with happy healthy people you enjoy and laugh as much as you can. Learn if you haven't already to be adaptable. Meditate, ask and receive, be specific. Send good thoughts to those who need it even if you don't like them. Rest is crucial to good bowl function be in bed by 10 or 10:30 to keep your circadian rhythms regular. Keep your spirits up! Be Healthy.


What to buy that's probiotic: Occasionally I stock Body Ecology's Coco-Biotic and let me tell you it works!

What to buy or make in your daily life:

Homemade Yogurt or Kefir--Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon has an excellent recipe for both as well as other probiotic foods such as kim chi and raw kraut.

If you don't have time now to make them, Whole Foods, Berkeley Bowl, Trader Joes, Natural Food Grocer, Rainbow Grocery and other stores also carry these foods. Live cultured vegetables are excellent with meats, they aid in digestion and aid the gut lining in regrowth of healthy bacteria.

Korean Food, with all the small dishes that go with BBQ that gets put into a lettuce leaf is one of the healthier foods. Invest in a Korean cookbook. There's a great Korean restaurant named Ohgane on 40th and Broadway. Are they organic? No, but they are probiotic! If you go in to eat ask the owner or server to carry organic. Plant the seed.

Kombucha, make your own or buy it, it does get expensive to buy ready made, but it's excellent after sweets, on an empty stomach, or when your feeling fatigued. It's full of lactobacillus Bacterium, Antioxidants and B vitamins.

Raw Apple Cidar Vinegar, Braggs is good, shake it before you take it. 4oz. water with 1 tablespoon. This is excellent when combating food poisioning. As a A blood type, I had my fair share of food poisioning with my low stomach acid and this has been a life saver at times!

Probiotic Suppliaments: There are many brands, take them on an empty stomach in between meals and before bed and when you've been to a desert party, eaten candy or ice cream. Let them help you clean up candida overgrowth.

On drinking water:

Water is H2O; it is not Safeway's "clear," or anything other than H2O. To be hydrated drinking more water should not make you have to go to the bathroom more. Being hydrated means staying saturated. Observe a dry plant newly watered after being deprived, the water goes straight through. A hydrated plant has not dried completely out. Our colons are like plants, if they stay hydrated we are hydrated and juicy everywhere; this is the best state of being as opposed to being dried out and lacking. When the body is dehydrated it goes to the colon and sqeezes the water out drying the stool into a hard clay. This clay like substance can turn into balls or plug us up and can tear us coming out please lets not let this happen to our delicate insides!

Many people worry they will have to go to the bathroom too much so they stay dehydrated and wonder why their bowels don't function to capacity.

When drinking, sip beverages, tea, coffee or whatever it is you desire, however DRINK water, meaning opening your throat and letting an entire cup or glass become absorbed by you in one motion. The idea, drink 6-8 oz. of water at the time you pour your glass; at least 6 -8 times a day. Eventually if you keep this up you will become lush and hydrated. This takes mantenance and vigilance as the body does not always give signals of being thirsty, sometimes the signal seems to be hunger, then after you eat you realize you weren't hungry but thirsty.

Stay hydrated-stay well.

Please note *you can drink too much water please try not to exceed a gallon and a half per day unless you are in a very warm climate or dehydrated make sure you do use the restroom, don't hold it.

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